White Pomeranian Puppies – Where to buy, for sale?

Pure White, Pomeranian Puppies –

Micro Pom - Very Young White Pomeranian Puppy

Young Pom - Small White Pomeranian Puppy

Pomeranian Young Dog - Small White Pomeranian Dog

The Biggest Thing i have had trouble with finding on the internet for the UK! For so many years now all i have wanted is a White Pomeranian Puppy – and I’ve been thinking of asking for one for my 18th Birthday. But i cannot find where to buy one anywhere – there are the odd few, and distance isn’t an issue as long as it’s in the UK – because you keep a puppy for years and one long journey for the perfect puppy is nothing – but of course you want a wide choice, but the choice just isn’t there.  So after weeks of hard searching, this is what i finally found.

The first place to look is on the main websites for advertising Puppies for sale.

Pets4Homes (Link Below is for a Pomeranian Search)


This Website is brilliant BUT, White Poms are not often on there, loads of other beautiful poms of different colours, but very rarely a litter of white ones. However, they do pop up now and again, so this is a good website to check, you can make your search quicker by just typing in ‘White’ in the Key Words section.

>> Snow Poms <<


This took me forever to find and i found nobody else like it! A breeder who has imported different types of pure white pomeranians (the best) from all over the world and only breeds white pomeranian puppys. She is based in London, but like i said, the trip never matters. They provide a page for enquiries, for puppy nursery information and even a page on the scamming of Snow Poms of the ridiculous prices people try to charge for them!



OLX is a brilliant and quick website, there advertised puppies are in order of date and have some more white Poms on their page more so that Pets4Homes, and something else that i thought was great was that OLX have an app which i have downloaded on my Ipad so i can quickly search to see if any new pom adverts have come up! I have even seen a few adverts on this website where there have been pomeranians being given away for free, with contact detail and detailed information as to why and about the pups.



Preloved is another great website for this they advertise puppys for sale and preloved dogs for sale, White Poms do show up now and again, so it’s worth to check regularly to see. The website has a lot of choice, However, often with up to 200 adverts of Pomeranians in the UK.

Kennel Club Assured Breeders


Next, they may not be wedsites, but it is a list of breeders in the UK&Ireland that breed pomeranians, it uncludes there name and place and contact details so you can ring for enquiries on if they breed pure white Poms, the upside here is that you are able to see if the breeders are near and you also know that they are legit – You may find yourself have to contact each one, but it is worth it as you will then be able to build a relationship with the direct breeder when buying your puppy.

Dogs & Puppies


Another good website for Poms, ‘Doll Faced Poms’ Often appear on here, and they are a very popular type of White Pomeranian at the moment and are very difficult to find.

More Websites For Poms


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